Bottecchia BE21 EVO

Art.Nr.: BE21

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  • Gewicht 25 kg

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Gabel Suntour NEX DS preload adjuster Schaltung Shimano TX800 8s
Motor OLI SPORT 36V 250W Akku Sanyo Panasonic/LG 36V 500Wh
Display LCD HIGH VISION OLI Bremse Shimano Disk MT 200
Laufrad Alu 700 C doppia camera/ Alu 700 C double wall Reifen E-BIKE 700X40 con banda riflettente/ E-BIKE 700X40 with reflective tires
Größe 52 Farbe c39 Nero grigio/ c39 Black grey
Gewicht Kg 25,500 Reichweite von 50 bis 130 km
Pedale incl    



  • power of 250W and maximum torque of 85Nm.
  • cadence, pressure, speed and temperature sensors.
  • 5 power levels and system start only with pedal pressure.


  • The high brightness color LCD display, allows excellent visibility even in bright light.
  • Compact and intuitive handlebar controller.
  • Sophisticated and intuitive software for data display. WALK mode, e-bike lights management and day/night mode of the display.


  • 36V Sanyo by Panasonic lithium ion cells for a total capacity of 500W.
  • smart BMS system for data collection and protection of cell life.
  • Rechargeable even without removing it from the frame.
  • Autonomy up to 130 km.